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Web Site Design

What do we offer?
  A low cost, fixed fee way to get your company or group on the 
                                            web.  That means a web site and email with your own domain name. 
                                            That means no more hotmail accounts - become a real presence with
                                            an e-mail address like!

                                            Make it easy to administer your HOA.  Post your CC&R's and meeting
                                            minutes and available for download.  Have a calendar of events!
How?     We send you your possible domain names.  Once you pick one, we set you up with a web site and email addresses per our pricing guide.  We have 300 pre-designed templates that we use to build your site.  
    For contractors, pages you may want:  Services offered, References, Contact Us, Project photos
    For HOA's, pages you may want: Welcome, Contact Us, a page to upload & download your 
                                            CC&R's & minutes, an event calendar,  FAQ's, a plat page, etc.
Who do we help?        Small Contractors
                                                Homeowners Associations (HOA)
                                                Non-profit groups
                                                Small profesional businesses

How do we charge?   Fixed fee, based on the number of pages and e-mail accounts. 
                                                 Please see our page on pricing.

How fast?                   
We can have you up and running in under one week.

How do I get started? 
Send us an email by clicking here.  
                  Tell us what you want or ask us questions.  
                  We require a small retainer to start, with the balance due upon completion.  
Why is it low cost?  We use 300 pre-designed templates to minimize your stress level.  We customize as much as possible, but to keep costs low, we stay with the templates.

What if I'm not happy?    We refund 100% of your money.  We realize running a  small business or non-profit is hard enough.

How about some examples?  Please click for: Small business, Contractor, HOA

Pricing?  Please see our web pricing page for more information.

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